Coming Up Wednesday, March 29

Davian McDonald: A Better Chance

Ten-year-old Davian McDonald of Holyoke and his father Kevin McDonald discuss Davian’s acceptance into “A Better Chance,” a national program designed to help outstanding students of color attend top prep schools and attain a better life.

Vets Mobile Help Unit

Our men and women who served our country have made selfless and unimaginable sacrifices for all of us. When they return home, the transition can be incredibly difficult and even isolating. But the Springfield Vets Center is reaching out in a big way, with a huge RV that’s traveling to the Berkshires to offer counseling and other services to vets.

Carolee McGrath sits down with Craig Hall, a combat veteran who works at the Springfield Vets Center, to learn more about the Springfield-area Vets Mobile Help Unit.

Federal Homeland Security Academic Advisory Committee’s Dr. Carol Leary

Dr. Carol Leary, President of Bay Path University, discusses her appointment to the Federal Homeland Security Academic Advisory Committee, as well as the Cybersecurity and Emerging Technology Undergraduate and Masters-level programs at Bay Path College.