Save Art/Save the Museums Opposes Berkshire Museum Art Sale

The controversial sale of up to $55 million in artwork by the Berkshire Museum was approved earlier this month. Trustees had been pushing a plan to sell off parts of its collection–including paintings by Norman Rockwell–but legal challenges scuttled an auction planned for last November.  

The planned art sale has been a hot button issue in the Berkshires and beyond. Supporters say the money generated by the Berkshire Museum art sale will help the museum secure its financial future and bring the 19th century museum into the 21st century. But, those opposed say selling artwork to support a museum’s bottom line is a bad idea.  

Save the Art/Save the Museum, a grassroots group, has called on the Berkshire Museum to pick a different course. Members Linda Cleary and Carol Diehl joined host Carrie Saldo in the studio to discuss their point of view.