Coming Up Wednesday, February 22

Gone But Not Forgotten: WCCC Radio

For many hard rock music fans in Connecticut and western Mass, the only station worth listening to was “The Rock” 106.9 FM WCCC. This legendary radio station provided the soundtrack to many local teens’ lives, and spawned the career of Howard Stern. The station was sold off in 2014 and ceased broadcasting locally-programmed music after 54 years, but longtime DJs Mike Karolyi and Stephen Wayne are carrying on the CCC tradition with a new internet radio station for the 21st century. Producer Tony Dunne and Videographer Dave Fraser turn the dial back on the stereo to listen to WCCC 106.9 radio in Hartford, CT – gone, but not forgotten.

Retail Business Concerns

Over the last few years, we have been seeing some major department stores closing down in our local malls, and other stores going out of business.

Carolee McGrath sat down with Dave Ratner, the owner of Dave’s Soda and Pet City, who has seven stores, and member of the Mass Retailers Association to hear the causes behind this trend, the challenges retailers face in Massachusetts, and the way ahead.

Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, historian Joe Carvalho, Springfield Republican Editor Wayne Phaneuf and LuJuana Hood of the Pan African Historical Museum talk with Carolee McGrath about the impact of black history in the pioneer valley.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Signs of Addiction

A new display at the Holyoke Mall is putting the focus on the hidden dangers of the opioid crisis. “Hidden in Plain Sight” is a mock-up of a teen’s bedroom which shows different warning signs that indicate he or she has an addiction.

Connecting Point’s Carolee McGrath sat down with Bill Rogalski, the general manager of the Holyoke Mall, West Springfield Police Chief Ronald Campurciani, and Fire Chief Bill Flaherty to learn more.