We’ll Be Okay

From the desk of Jim Madigan:

“We’ll be okay”…that’s what Barack Obama said this week during his final news conference as President of the United States, less than 48 hours before he would leave office.

I hope President Obama is right.

Seldom – if ever – in our nation’s history has there been such a contrast between a departing and an incoming Commander-in-Chief. Obama prided himself on his always-calm approach to almost any situation. “No Drama Obama” is what staff and friends called him (that cool did break occasionally; for instance, when he talked about school kids and other innocents lost to random gun violence—but that’s another story).

Donald Trump seems to thrive on chaos, even creating it himself with his late night tweets, if need be. Will he continue that habit after 12 Noon on January 20th, when all this nation’s troubles – really all the world’s troubles – land squarely on his desk? Only time will tell. Since Election Night, many who opposed Trump have said, “He’s not my President!” But the bottom line is… Yes, he is. There’s only one President at a time and whatever he does impacts us all, supporters and opponents alike. If he fails, we all get hurt.

If you like Donald Trump… congratulations. This is your time. If you oppose him, then do so peacefully and constructively. Get involved supporting causes and issues you feel are threatened by the new leadership. Demonstrate publicly and calmly. Write letters to members of Congress and to the editor to make your case. Organize for the 2018 and 2020 elections. It’s not easy, but that’s what you can do to try to be sure we’ll be OK!