Checking the Rear View Mirror

Watching the taping session for this season’s final episode of Connecting Point today, I couldn’t help but reflect upon how many stories we’ve chronicled of the people, places, and ideas that matter most to Western New England this year. Tonight’s show may be Jim Madigan discussing politics with State Senator Eric Lesser, but that’s just one small facet of what we do here at CP.

WGBY’s Marc Rhinehart directs as Jim Madigan interviews State Sen. Eric Lesser.

From Springfield to Sunderland, and from Williamstown to Ware, we profiled people who are passionate about what they do in our “Making It Here” segments. Monte Belmonte shared his unique perspective on the region in “Life With Monte.” Jim Madigan showed us once again why he is the most respected local media voice covering politics every week on “The State We’re In.” Carolee McGrath showed us the best our education systems have to offer in her American Graduate reports. And we took you to places as diverse as Hartford County and the North Quabbin in our “On the Road” series.

Producer Dave Fraser examined the burgeoning Farm to Table movement in October, and he and I had a blast bringing back the past in our extraordinarily popular “Gone But Not Forgotten” series this April. We even went Hollywood this seasonHollywood in the Hills,” that islooking at the film and movie industry right in our own backyard!

Karen Allen 1-19-16

Producer Tony Dunne interviews actress Karen Allen for the “Hollywood in the Hills” series.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we covered this year, and what we feature every year on Connecting Point. Each week we strive to bring the incredible diversity of this region directly into your homes at 7:30pm (or available on your tablet, computer or mobile device anytime you like). As we wrap up our 6th season (and my first as Executive Producer), I’m done looking backit’s time to look ahead to Season 7. We have some great ideas for the new season brewing, and as far as I’m concerned, the best is yet to come…

As a colleague of mine likes to say, thanks for watching. I hope you have a wonderful summer. Enjoy the warm weather and the beauty that our region has to offer, it’s great time of year to explore and visit many of the people and places you’ve seen this past season on CP. We’ll see you in October!