On The Road

I have often said that one of the great things about my job is that it allows me to visit places and meet people that I might not normally ever have the chance to do. It also allows me the opportunity to share those stories with people like you. A great example of this happened last month as we filmed our On The Road Series.  We took our lights, cameras and microphones to the North Quabbin region and set up at the Country Store in Petersham.  We invited several local residents to share their thoughts and concerns about their community with Connecting Point Contributor Carolee McGrath. Prior to our day of filming at the Country Store videographer Mark Langevin and I explored that region and filmed an overview story that would begin our On The Road series. I particularly enjoy these stories because it not only brings me to a region I seldom visit but as a videographer myself, it allows for great opportunities to film the beauty of the landscape.  On a beautiful sunny spring day, Mark and I headed up Rt. 202 out of Belchertown following the west side of the Quabbin Reservoir. We eventually stopped in the towns of Orange and Athol. We talked with a local environmentalist as well as the owner of Trail Head Outfitters and General Store.  Both men talked about the beauty their region has to offer and both were very appreciative that we were showcasing their part of the state.

Petersham Church

On the Road in the North Quabbin region of the state.

Mark and I picked up Route 2 out of Orange and quickly found ourselves in the town of Petersham to meet the owner of the Country Store and see if his store would be a suitable back drop for the interviews we planned to do at a later date. It indeed was a great spot but we also discovered that they have some of the best burritos around!! We continued down Route 32 following the east side of the Reservoir, made a quick stop at the Quabbin Visitors Center and eventually headed back to WGBY in Springfield. From the footage and interviews we captured, I was able to put together a nice story about a region of the state that many of us may seldom visit. I hope the stories inspires you to get out On The Road and learn more about this wonderful region we all live in.

As always, thanks for watching.