Coming Up Thursday, April 24

GMO Food Labeling

A GMO (genetically modified organism) food labeling bill was first filed by state representative Ellen Story from Amherst eight years ago is finally out of committee and will soon potentially go to the floor for a vote. Stephanie Kraft, a “Valley Advocate” reporter, has been writing about this issue and joins me to talk about why this bill took so long and the bipartisanship between politicians about this issue but NOT between farmers and we also talk about the difference between genetic engineering and selective breeding.

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Together in Song Regional Choral Awards Showcase

Maestro Kevin Rhodes of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra previews this year’s Together in Song Regional Choral Awards finale, which he will host on WGBY Sunday night April 27.

Together in Song

Gone But Not Forgotten: Steigers Department Store

Twenty years after they closed, we remember the Springfield Steiger’s department stores with Allen Steiger, Steiger’s Treasurer, downtown Springfield Steiger’s Manager John Donnellan, and one-time Steiger’s employee Cheryl Dutton.