Coming Up Thursday, February 20

Heroin Addiction

Connecting Point Contributor Carolee McGrath looks into the heroin epidemic that has become prevalent in Franklin County.  She talks with members of the Opioid Education and Awareness Task Force that was formed because of the recent spike in heroin activity in that region.

Home Run for Bunny Author

Home Run for Bunny, a children’s book authored by Springfield College professor Richard Andersen, talks about a monument in Forest Park celebrating a boys junior baseball team’s stand against racism – and in support of its one African-American player, Ernest “Bunny” Taliaferro.

The team agreed to withdraw from an eastern sectional tournament in Gastonia, N.C. when they learned that Legion officials would not allow Taliaferro to play because he was black. This happened 80 years ago when racism was common yet these boys took a stand.

Consumer Reports’ Mike Quincy

Connecting Point’s Jim Madigan talks cars with  Consumer Reports Magazine Auto Content Specialist Mike Quincy.

Consumer Reports Cars on Twitter: @CRCars

Celebrating Winter Sports: Family of Olympian Kacey Bellamy

Maura and Lindsey Bellamy, the mother and sister of Olympic Hockey player Kacey Bellamy of Westfield, discuss what it’s like to have a family member heading to the Olympics and everything it takes to reach that level of competition.