Coming Up Thursday, October 31, 2013


Roca’s Executive Director Tom McKenna Springfield Assistant Director Keith Rhone talk about their organization, which helps at risk young men get off streets, get jobs, and lead productive lives. They will talk about the intervention model they use to help disengaged and disenfranchised young people move out of violence and poverty.

Roca means “rock” in Spanish – a rock to lean on, a strength to draw from, a foundation for the future.

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New England Legends

Just in time for Halloween! Jeff Belanger, lecturer and author of “Weird Massachusetts” talks about his new show which debuts on WGBY October 31st at 10pm.  “New England Legends” explores the legends, myths, and mysteries in the region. Jeff talks about why people are drawn to stories of the supernatural and the mysterious, and recounts some of the scarier legends in Western Massachusetts

New England Legends 
Jeff Belanger

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Gerena School Follow Up

Last season on Connecting Point, we brought you the series “Divided We Stand A Street in Our School” that focused on the Gerena School in Springfield’s North End. Recently, it was announced that the school had exited Level 4 status by successfully meeting their individual measurable annual goals over the past three years. School Principal Diane Gagnon talks with Connecting Point Contributor Carolee McGrath about this accomplishment.

Halloween at the Deerfield Inn

Deerfield, MA is just 30 miles north of Springfield, but when you drive through you feel as if you’ve gone back in time 200-300 year. The buildings and the streets are almost the same. Some say the past is such a huge part of the present that it permeates the atmosphere there, especially at The Old Burying Ground, where a famous attack hundreds of years ago decimated the village, and at the Deerfield Inn, where past guests are said to make occasional appearances to the present guests. Watch Halloween night as we learn about the past, talk about the present and explore what the future means for Deerfield and Deerfield Inn.