Gerena Teacher Round Table

Connecting Point’s Carolee McGrath sits down with Burt Freedman, Enrique “Henry” Figueredo and Ursula Hogan at Gerena School to talk about their memories as teachers when the school was known as New North Community School. They describe the school as being state of the art that included things like an outdoor amphitheater, planetarium, and an array of community resources located in the lower level.

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Connecting Point’s Carolee McGrath se siente con Burt Freedman, Enrique “Henry” Figueredo y Ursula Hogan en la escuela Gerena para hablar sobre sus memorias como maestros cuando la escuela se conocía como New North Community School. Ellos describen la escuela como siendo “state-of-the-art” que incluye cosas como un anfiteatro, planetario, y muchos recursos para la comunidad.

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  1. Hi Mr. Fig! I am Robert Escalante (Bob) I was a member of your Gymnastics Team back in ’76. You once gave me an award for the most improved gymnast and now I’d like to give you one as the teacher that has had the most positive impact on my life. I spent K-4th grade in The Bristol, CT public school system and 5-12 in The Springfield, MA public school system. I had some decent teachers along the way but you cared so much for us that we could feel it and we knew you were genuine. You were very much a Father figure to many along the way and you deserve to be singled out because you are very modest and would never brag about such things on your own. Believe me when I say you have touched many and we thank you for that!

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