Holyoke Mayoral Candidates

Holyoke Mayoral Candidates incumbent Elaine Pluta and challenger Alex Morse will debate key issues in their race.

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  1. I am a minority female that went to HCC then moved on to UMASS Amherst. I moved after graduating to Connecticut in 04 and recently decided to move back to the area and was very disappointed with the school system in Holyoke which I was looking into for my children. I decided on Westfield being my place of residence. With that said I just so happened to be clicking through the channels and came upon this debate and was very impressed with Alex Morse. He sounds like he genuinely wants to see Holyoke succeed. He also seems to take the time to interact in and with his community. I have friends in Holyoke of different races and will be sure to voice my opinion to them in regards to which candidate, by actions, has shown characteristics of being the perfect cadidate for the Job!!! I do hope he wins!!

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