Conversations with Northampton Mayoral Candidates

Instead of a traditional debate, WGBY brings you two programs presenting a casual but in-depth discussion with each of the two candidates for Mayor of Northampton.

  • Program 1 (Michael Bardsley) will air Thu 9/22 at 7:30pm.
  • Program 2 (David Narkewicz) will air Fri, 9/23 at 7:30pm.

Program one will focus on Mayoral candidate and former City Councilor and City Council Pres. Michael Bardsley, who lost a close race for Mayor of Northampton in 2009. 

Program two will focus on Mayoral candidate and current City Council President and Acting Mayor David Narkewicz.

Northampton Chamber of Commerce

The programs are being co-produced by WGBY and the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce.  The candidates will be questioned by a panel comprised of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce.

Additional assistance provided by:

  • Ostberg and Associates Financial Services and Insurance
  • Romano, Pascucci  & Co. PC
  • Sally and Al Griggs
  • Goggins Real Estate

Repeat Schedule:

Program 1 (Michael Bardsley)

Sunday, 9/25, 10:30am on WGBY
Saturday, 9/24, 9pm on WGBY World
Monday, 9/26, 7:30pm on WGBY
Wednesday, 9/28, 1:30pm on WGBY World

Program 2 (David Narkewicz)

Sunday, 9/25, 11am on WGBY
Saturday, 9/24, 9:30pm on WGBY World
Tuesday, 9/27, 7:30pm on WGBY
Wednesday, 9/28, 2pm on WGBY World

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