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Sneak Peek Week of December 22

December 21, 2014

Coming Up Monday, December 22

December 21, 2014
  • Chris Herren: Former NBA Player Christ Herren struggled with substance abuse for much of his career. He talks about overcoming his addiction by refocusing on his sobriety and family.
  • Rick’s Place: Founded in memory of Rick Thorpe, who died in the September 11th attack, Rick’s Place provides support for children and families of lost loved ones.
  • Masterpiece Ball Preview: WFCR’s Jazz host Tom Reney discusses the influence and growth of Jazz in the 1920s period now being portrayed on PBS “Downtown Abbey” program.
  • Making It Here: Moe’s Donuts: Maureen and Mark Weiner’s Moe’s Donuts has become a staple at local farmer’s markets year round.

Coming Up Friday, December 19

December 18, 2014

The State We’re In: Mayor Domenic Sarno

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno discusses what he sees as the improving state of the city – as construction will soon begin on the $800 Million dollar MGM Casino and the Chinese company that is the world’s largest maker of railway cars plans to build a factory in Springfield.

American Graduate: Franklin County Technical School

December 17, 2014

Connecting Point contributor Carolee McGrath profiles a technical school in Franklin County that’s helping kids find what they’re passionate about and turning that into a career after graduation. We profile the machine technology department that’s placing grads into high paying jobs.  Many of these students have continued on to college pursuing engineering degrees — but they admit they might not have stayed in school if wasn’t for the hands education they received.

Franklin County Technical School