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Return to October Mountain

Stories are wonderful things; they can teach, they can inspire, and they can simply entertain. And sometimes, just sometimes… a story can connect the past to the present and reunite families as well! In 2013, my show New England Legends aired a story about the legends of October Mountain in Berkshire County, MA. The mountain

Coming Up Wednesday November 26

November 25, 2014
  • Springfield Public Forum Speaker John Hunter: John Hunter, teacher and inventor of the “World Peace Game” discusses “Drafting the Blueprint for Peace”.
  • National Adoption Month: In honor of National Adoption Month, Marla Ruth Allisan of Full Circle Adoption, Erin Cronie, & Erin’s adoptive mother discuss the benefits & challenges of seeking a child for adoption.
  • What is Philanthropy?: Prof. Salvatore Alaimo, Ph.D. discusses his film “What is Philanthropy?” and the different ways people can be philanthropic.

Pynchon Award Winner

November 24, 2014

Pynchon Award Kathy Picard of Ludlow discusses her award and her work on behalf of child sexual abuse survivors.

Veterans Coming Home: Businesses Hiring Veterans

November 24, 2014

We talk via Skype with Lindsay Moran, Boston-based Program Manager for National Partnerships at Liberty Mutual Insurance, about that company’s commitment to recruiting and hiring vets. Also joining us in studio is Linda Candage, Veterans Assistance Specialist at Career Points and FutureWorks Career Centers, to learn about the programs and help they have for military veterans re-entering the job market.

Liberty Mutual